Small Adult Business Directory

Aubergine Logo


Astoria, OR

Offers Retail & Wholesale

Aubergine's mission is to create gorgeous, premium quality adult toys that are as body-safe and non-toxic as they are beautiful. Our platinum silicone dildos and toys are handmade, using only ethically-sourced, certified body-safe materials.


 Chaos Theory Logo

Chaos Theory

Los Angeles, CA

Offers Retail & Wholesale

Vegan harnesses and accessories handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Worldwide shipping and custom sizing available for all styles. Chaos Theory began in a small studio apartment in Brooklyn, NY and flourished into a company that strives to create truly special, made-to-order pieces in any size.


chaotic kink logo

Chaotic Kink

Brooklyn, NY

Offers Retail & Wholesale

Premium Impact Tools, Sensation Toys, and Kinky Accessories Chaotic Kink offers handmade BDSM toys crafted in Brooklyn NY. We feature modern designs on classic items such as floggers, canes, crops, whips; along with our premier item: acrylic knives for safer knife play. We're an active part of the NYC community, and we appreciate you for supporting our innovations and art!


Non-Virgin Materials Logo

Non-Virgin Materials

Lakewood, CO

Offers Retail

Hand-crafted, kinky jewelry and accessories made entirely from salvaged materials. My process is zero-waste and free of harsh chemicals.


Pussy Envy Logo

Pussy Envy

Portland, OR

Offers Retail & Wholesale

Pussy Envy is poking fun at Freud’s theory and opening a conversation about sex while removing stigmas of sexuality and genitalia. I create stickers, clothing, paintings among other things so we can have conversations and laugh through radical expression. Stepping away from shame and into liberation by making accessories for sluts.


Raw Love Studio Logo

Raw Love Studio


Offers Retail & Wholesale

US custom hand-made sex toys for all like-minded sexplorers. 


Smell My Leather Logo

Smell My Leather 

Seattle, WA

Offers Retail

Smell My Leather is a handmade and custom leather goods company by Noah Sanemitsu (They/Them). They are a non-binary trans mixed Japanese American artist who is passionate about serving their communities through their work. That's why they create leather collars, harnesses, accessories and other leather pieces for all genders and all bodies. They aim to make quality custom leather friendly accessible to everyone.


Sweet Candy Kink Logo

Sweet Candy Kink


Offers Retail

Sweet Candy Kink is a smol, US-based, Black and trans-owned 18+ business, dedicated to providing quality, affordable products to the BDSM and kink communities we are a part of and cherish. We specialize in DDLG products with fun themes and boast a bevy of different styles littles, bigs and everyone in between.


Venus Matters Logo

Venus Matters

Longmont, CO

Offers Retail & Wholesale

Venus Matters because the pleasurable life is wonderfully messy. Put worries about body fluids to bed for good on a highly absorbent, gorgeous & guaranteed waterproof Venus Mat— lovingly designed to delight & inspire you in bed & beyond. Made in the USA and certified safe.