Build Your Sex Room with KxB

let's build your sex room with gags, clamps, candles and cuffs


Like most kinksters, the most common place to play is the bedroom. But how do you choose conscientious pieces that will turn your bedroom into a sensual play space?
By hitting all those sexy senses you and your partner(s) have of course! Here is some of the top KxB products to add to your bedroom to get into the mood and stay there.

1. Sight

A lot of lovers get in the mood based on what they see.

Body Chains are the perfect way to spice up lingerie or just accentuate the sensual curves of your body. Cuffs are also a great way to signal submission and show that you're ready to play.

Photographer: @jls_visuals Model: @shardellmonique 

2. Smell

Nothing says no thanks like a room that smells past its prime. Never fear! Linen sprays are a quick and effective way to freshen up the space and heighten the senses.


3. Touch

Anticipation is all the fun, right? Wrong. Touch is intoxicating and the benefit to being patient.

Can't wait to get your hands on 'em?

Try the Happy Ending Massage Collection and enjoy a sensually smooth massage oil that nourishes and primes your partner (and yourself!).


sadist massage candle with hemp coconut soy wax, a wooden x shaped wick and dark rose and labdanum scent

4. Sound

No sweeter sound than the gasps of pain and pleasure. Pull out a set of clamps and enjoy the tune of ecstasy you and your partners will sing.

heresy clamps with wooden cross and red beading

photographer:  @alexandrakacha     model:@sidneysummers.x

5. Taste

It wouldn't be a full body experience without a little taste. Enjoy the warm saliva in your mouth while gagged with body safe silicone.

It's a bite you'll swoon for and won't forget.

black gag with heart rings

model: @saint.arson photographer: @cecilyflight


If you've reached this far, we know you're fully committed to piecing together a sexy space that provides a full body experience for you and your partner!

You absolutely deserve it, too.

Don't forget to use Shop Pay and split your bedroom makeover into 4 manageable payments!

Enjoy the sex, ya deviants xx

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